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First and common problems of all people across the globe. In fact, people of this country are suffering from obesity – increasing weight. It also increases the weight of extreme volume daily. Do not let your eating, sleep, lifestyle change, weight increases. Weight can grow fast but it can not keep the pace fast at the waist. If you try hard to control weight, then why not? Maybe you have reduced the diet, reduced sleep, started going to the gym, even who is that. Going or losing a little weight, if you neglect, it increases again. Why is that so? What to do or reduce weight?

Fix the right diet and differentiate between the requirements of food:

Crash diet means more food:

This means that you are eating the right nutritious food but eating it a lot, that is unhealthy. Only a few things in life can be stale. So fix the diet drugs rich in vegetables and fruits that are healthy.

Right sleep:

Today, 5 hours sleep is difficult, leave for 8 hours! If there is no energy to lose weight, to reduce weight, so sleep is full!

Just do not have to go:

Walking is a great way to reduce weight, but do not lose weight just walk. The muscles are loose on the walk, but it does not lose weight. Rose cardio, squat and muscle toning will reduce weight.

                  To reduce weight and do things inappropriately

Everyone always tries to lose weight but not many times succeed. It is more painful to see diseased friends! And after giving birth to the baby, the face goes out completely! For a long time, you can get yourself excited. The child is more important than the face and you love the most to eat, but one day the last rabbit will decide whether to be lean and advice from the mother and friends; This may result in the following suggestions:

  • Do not eat grill
  • Eat a few times a day
  • Exercise
  •  Chocolate off
  • Fill the stomach with juice

So let’s know some real ways:

  • Do not stop all the habits at once. Time to introduce all the new foods to the body and to exercise day and night! If not, it will be very soon!
  • Do not leave all the favorite foods one at a time. In this, both minds and stomachs will be dissatisfied.
  • Never try to fill the stomach with juice. Most of the time there is a large amount of sugar. Not only nutritious food, this juice, so do not just eat juice at one time!
  • There may be many mistakes and the main mistake is to reduce the weight that does not affect health. Stop eating carbohydrate and fat is very wrong, but eat it definitely!
  • Exercise means that only Jimmy has no meaning. It will be half an hour for a day.
  • Do not reduce food if you have a newborn baby; This will harm the child. Those who have children, they have to manage a little. Do not deprive the boys of good eating.
  • Do you know, after an hour’s walk, the body burns calories early? Be healthy before being lean. Playing properly and exercise is forced to lose weight!

                              Green coffee to reduce weight

Color Desk:

Body weight is increasing day by day. In this case, many people use weight loss drugs, belts, foods etc. However, it is doubtful whether they are effective at all. It also reduces the consumption of food. If you drink coffee then how to lose weight? Think caffeine coffee can really reduce weight? Of course, it could. And in 2012 that proved Dr. Oz According to him, the chlorogenic acid contained in the coffee is very helpful in reducing weight. Although this coffee market is not brown coffee. Raw coffee beans or granular powder using weight to reduce weight.

Coffee is known as green coffee beans. The coffee granules we store in the market are made from these green grains, brown and dry brown. There are special types of antioxidants and some medicinal properties stored in coffee. The most notable of these are caffeine and chlorogenic acid. This chlorogenic acid plays a very effective role in reducing weight. Although chlorogenic acid is destroyed in the process of marketing coffee. So if someone drinks brown coffee to reduce weight, he will not be able to reduce his weight any day.

How does the green coffee seed work?

If the green coffee grows, then there is a small amount of caffeine in it. Various experiments have shown that caffeine increases the erection work by 3-11%. Although not caffeine, this action is done by chlorogenic acid. Green coffee grains reduce the chances of blood pressure and increase the work of insulin. The main reason is that carbohydrate is low in green coffee grape. On the other hand, testing on mice has shown that chlorogenic acid helps to prevent excess fat from food, besides reducing body weight. Removes extra fat from the liver. Fat also helps to increase the work of harmful hormones, adiponectin.

How useful is it for people?

Surveys have also been carried out on humans to determine the quality of green coffee granules. 30 people of extra weight were chosen to run this survey. This survey was conducted for 12 weeks. They are divided into two groups. A group of people who are allowed to drink regular or marketable coffee and others drink green caffeine powder in regular coffee. However, no change was made to their daily dietary aide habits. Then gradually a graph of twelve weeks was created from zero to zero.

In the graphs, those who had mixed green caffeine powder with regular coffee, they were able to reduce the weight of 5.4 kg. On the other hand, those who only consumed regular coffee, they were able to reduce the weight of 1.7 kg. In fact, there is plenty of experimentation on how green coffee works in the human body. However, its true effectiveness is still proof-proof. Because it is often seen that all companies are trying to profit by selling green coffee grains, they are the ones who test and promote. Although the quality of green coffee granules has been recognized in an evaluation test in 2011.

What is the quality of green coffee?

Carbohydrate controls our body. Also, due to the presence of chlorogenic acid in green caffeine, sugar is prevented from mixing with blood. This eliminates the problem of weight gain with diabetes problems. Green coffee grains can control blood vessels, which play an effective role in driving our body. So those who have high blood pressure, they can benefit from playing 140-720 g of green caffeine powder daily.

How to use and side effects:

Although there are many benefits of green coffee granules, many have pointed out problems like headaches and bladder infections. However, there is no evidence that such problems are from green coffee. Besides, because of the caffeine in green coffee, many people have expressed concerns about anxiety, rash. Basically, having a lot of coffee in one day, it is very normal to have some problems like this. So if you can not digest caffeine, take precautions to drink green coffee. Because green tea can sometimes cause problems with dizziness. If you have any allergic issues while playing coffee, then discard it now. Green coffee is not good for pregnant and nursing women. Even the children should not drink green coffee completely.
In fact, how much of the green coffee must be consumed, and there is no specific amount of reference to it. However, it has been said earlier that 120-300g of chlorogenic acid can be eaten in the day. If you drink 240-300 g of green coffee every day, 120-300g chlorogenic acid is available. So it is best to follow the instructions given on the green coffee bottle. Try to drink this green coffee half an hour before eating.

                         The way to lose weight with lemon

Whatever it takes:

  • 8 cups of water
  • 6 lemon juice
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 10 mint leaves
  • Some snow litter

How to make them:

1. Heat the water lightly. Do not get too hot.
2. Mix water, lemon juice, honey, mint leaves, all together.
3. Now it is a few hours to keep it in the refrigerator.
4. Drink out after a few hours.
5. One cup of water will give you an ice cream. Because excessive cold body energy is reduced.

When to eat:

Drink a glass of lemon before having breakfast each day. A serving of mixed greens and natural product have breakfast in the first part of the day.

  • At 11 o’clock another glass of lemon can eat water and eat some seared almonds.
  • Eat an egg at lunch and eat the lustrous plate of mixed greens with olive oil and apple vinegar.
  • Another glass of lemon water at 4 pm. You can eat any of your most loved natural products with it.
  • You can eat a bit of fish or meat at supper. The plate of mixed greens with him can eat.
  • Drink water from another glass of lemon 2 hours after supper.

It kills harmful substances in your body with weight reduction. Be that as it may, in the event that you need to evacuate the body’s poison material, you should drink lemon water a few times each day.

Ten kg weight loss diet in 1 month

9-10 does not mean morning. We need to get up at 6 in the first part of the day. There are some healthy ingredients in the morning weather. Vitamin D is very useful for the body in the morning sunlight.

Lemon water with honey:

After drinking in the morning, one glass of honey will be used to drink lemon water. Give half a cup of medium-sized lemon into a glass of water. Along with a teaspoon mixed with orange honey. Drink in the winter with Kusum hot water. I got up early in the morning and used to jog 40 hours a day for 1 hour. Come back and drink this drink. With half a teaspoon of black oil mixed and better then it is better.


Breakfast means a green apple or orange or two small size bananas at 8 o’clock. Eat it four days a week. The rest of the two days, with a banana with thin bread or sugar cooked with a banana. The rest of the day without an egg or glass of glass of one glass. The day you eat eggs, you can eat a raw cucumber or mangoes.

Morning Dinner:

After 10 o’clock in the morning breakfast, eat Mixed Vegetables 1 cup of big cups of cooked vegetables in small oil. Eat a bowl of soup for two days a week in the bowl of the bowl. If you are more hungry, you can mix a few whole herbs with vegetables or pulses. Or eat 3-4 tablespoons of oatmeal with Kashmir or dates. Before I got to bed, I used to get 2-3 pods and 20-25 wells.


At midday (at 2 pm) eat a couple of medium-sized bowls mixed with pulses. Mixed vegetables are the best to eat. Then you get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. And vegetables contain plenty of fiber, which helps digestion and becomes converted into glucose as well as entering the body. Give oil too little to cook vegetables. Do not cook onion and roasted oil. Vegetables do not boil perfectly. Nutritional quality remains in semi-finished vegetables.

Among the vegetables, cabbage, cauliflower, tomato, mangoes, mustard seeds, brinjal, radish, beans, patella, Karla, gooseberry, labor, sweet pumpkin, pulse spinach, papaya spinach, radish spinach, cauliflower, mustard spinach, etc. Useful If you get more hunger, you can eat 1 cup of rice twice a week. But after 15-20 days I used to eat rice.

To eat chicken meat 1-2 days a week. But only Chicken Breast. You can eat half of a chicken breast. I used to eat a white nun (bread nun) with chicken grill for one quarter a week (chicken grill). Two days a week the fish will have to eat. Do not eat excess oiled fish. Eat big fish and eat one cheese with vegetables. Fishes with vegetables or vegetables with vegetables are very delicate.


20-30 liters of dough or 3-4 palm or a banana at 4 pm. Eat bananas in the morning and eat something else in the afternoon. But girls must eat 2-3 sets of bananas per day during the period of 10 kg weight loss diet following a follow-up diet chart. There is plenty of iron in the banana which should be eaten more than the period of the period. But if the body is weakened then exclude diet. With these sugar can eat without sugar. I used to exercise in the evening so we could eat this 30 minutes before exercising in the afternoon.


One glass of lemon water at 7 pm. Drink the rest of the morning with lemon juice mixed in a glass of water. I used to eat lemon water during the night and came to exercise. Eat fresh vegetables in the 9-minute dinner. The amount of 200 grams of mixed vegetables or spinach will be cooked. If you have more hunger, you can eat two pots of potatoes. You have to go to bed after 12. Remember, night must be 3 hours after eating at night.


Drink plenty of water for the whole day. I ate 7-8 liters of water a day. I kept my stomach filled with water. The food that we eat is.

Besides following this weight loss diet list, I used to exercise in the morning and evening. During this diet, no exercise can be done during weight lifting or weight lifting. Free hands and cardio exercise


  • No food made outside of natural foods can be eaten.
  •  Avoid 100 percent of any sweet food.
  • Any food that is cooked in oil, it can not be cooked at home.
  • If you have never followed a diet chart before. From the beginning, it is better not to follow the weight loss diet chart. In the beginning, gradually reduce your diet and keep it as the last goal.


Do not follow the sick body. Or, if you are sick while following it, contact the doctor on an emergency basis and tell it. But I did not have any problem while following it.

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